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Rural Matters

Apr 16, 2019

Michelle chats Jess Ames, director of outreach at Angel Flight East, an organization that provides free flights for patients who need medical treatment at a substantial distance from their home, and Greg Vallino, an optometrist who is a pilot for Angel Flight. Medically stable patients are eligible for the flight, for which there is absolutely no charge, according to Ames. For example, if a patient needs care that is best provided at a hospital, such as Shriner’s in Philadelphia, which specializes in particular diseases, air travel can be provided. In addition, Angel Flight East provides transportation services for patients who are so sick that they are not able to fly commercially as well as compassionate travel. The pilots for Angel Flight need 300 hours of actual flight time, notes Ames. Vallino speaks poignantly about the gratification he get from his service as a pilot. Under a program in its second year, Rural and Rare Outreach, Angel Flight East has established an initiative targeted to rural areas. This episode was sponsored by Angel Flight East,; Alliance for a Healthy Kansas,; 3RNet,; and Butler County ESC,