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Rural Matters

Sep 11, 2020

Michelle chats with Jessica Ames, Programs & Events Coordinator at. Angel Flight East, which provides free flights for individuals who need medical treatment far from home, with a footprint in 14 states. The flights are totally paid for by the pilots themselves, Ames says. The passengers do not have to pay for the flights, whether they need five flights a year or dozens of flights. According to Ames, pilots enjoy this volunteer experience because it pairs their passion for flying with being able to meet a distinct need of patients requiring medical attention. She describes how the company developed its Rural and Rare Reach Initiative, funded by the AmerisourceBergen Foundation, in association with State Offices of Rural Health and others in six states: Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, and Maryland. Ames also describes how her company transported face shields and other PPE to rural hospitals and other health care providers during this pandemic — at no cost. The company resumed flights last month, Ames notes. This episode was sponsored by Angel Flight East,