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Rural Matters

Mar 10, 2022

In Part II of our superb six-part series produced in collaboration with and underwritten by the Ascendium Education Group, Michelle chats with three academic researchers who are responsible for the new groundbreaking report published by the Alliance for Research on Regional Colleges, (ARRC) called Introducing Our Nation’s Rural Serving Postsecondary Institutions: Dr. Andrew Koricich, an associate professor of higher education at Appalachian State University and ARRC's executive director; Dr. Cecilia Orphan, an associate professor in the Higher Education Department at the University of Denver, and ARRC’s director of partnerships; and Dr. Alisa Hicklin Fryar, professor of political science at the University of Oklahoma and ARRC’s director of data. The discussion focused on the importance of having a metric for identifying Rural-Serving Institutions (RSIs); the impact of the pandemic on RSIs; the debunking of certain stereotypes surrounding rural areas and race; the undeniable impact of rural colleges; the rise of RSIs in serving communities facing demographic and economic challenges; and rural workforce development. To learn more about ARRC, this incredible project, or view their collection of resources, you can visit or follow them on Twitter (@ARRC_Research) and LinkedIn. This episode and the entire six-part series is sponsored by the Ascendium Education Group.