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Rural Matters

Jan 12, 2018

John has a lively discussion with two representatives from the Ohio Small and Rural Collaborative — Ryan Rismiller, at-large representative for OSRC and a high school principal at the Graham Local Schools, and Kirk Koennecke. executive director of OSRC and superintendent of the Graham Local Schools. More than two-thirds of the schools in Ohio are considered “rural,” with a host of challenges, including broadband, hunger, and generational poverty. The collaborative started as a small, nonpartisan group and developed into an organization that strives to harness digital education, high-quality professional development, STEM education, and other opportunities, including its partnership with Learning Blade, and is an Ohio affiliate of NREA. OSRC is continuing to look at ways for its members, including teachers and administrators, to network online regarding leadership, assessment, and instruction, and curriculum planning. OSRC will be putting on a literacy summit, which it hopes will place a spotlight on this important issue. You can follow OSRC on Twitter and dialogue with others in the rural community on a Twitter chat, #OSRCchat. This episode was sponsored by A Pass Education,