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Rural Matters

Oct 12, 2018

Michelle chats with Brian Noyes, the founder and baker-in-chief of Red Truck Bakery, one of the most nationally acclaimed bakeries in the United States, about his journey from journalist to the Culinary Institute of America to his first sales vehicle (literally) — a red truck — to his two shops in rural Virginia to an incredible review in The New York Times, to his new book, The Red Truck Bakery Cookbook, published by Clarkson Potter/Penguin Random House. Find out how Tommy Hilfinger, tuna sandwiches, John Wayne, and President Obama and the text “POTUS says ‘yes’” all played a part in this amazing journey of a successful rural entrepreneur.  Also find out why Noyes chose Marshall, VA, as his original location and what famous actor “cut the rope” at the opening ceremony three years ago. Finally, you want to hear how the bakery led to several new stores opening adjacent to his location, why a rising tide does indeed lift all boats, and why Red Truck’s coffee is a key element in its success. Noyes is extremely supportive of local businesses and establishing a collegial, collaborative relationship with others in the community. For more information on the cookbook and Red Truck Bakery, visit