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Rural Matters

Apr 14, 2020

Michelle chats with Dr. Allen Pratt, executive director of the National Rural Education Association, about how rural schools are responding to the pandemic on a variety of fronts, including the establishment of food programs for students in rural areas through delivery and pickup locations where contact is much as possible.  As far as remote learning is concerned, both NREA and school districts have established e-learning programs, utilizing Zoom and other technology, and have coordinated delivery of educational packets to students. Regarding legislation to help students, Dr. Pratt notes the CARES Act include $13.9 billion for released to states and onto schools. That’s not really enough to support students in areas without broadband or cell connections, according to Dr. Pratt. The biggest gap involves this connectivity issue, where everyone should have access to Internet service. Hopefully we will use time to establish equitable opportunity in this area, both Michelle and Dr. Pratt agree. This episode is sponsored by Partners in Education at Berea College. To learn more, visit or email J. Morgan at, and by the National Rural Education Association,