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Rural Matters

Nov 12, 2019

This special episode (Part 1) involves a panel discussion at the first-ever Rural Women's Summit, presented by the National Rural Assembly, which was moderated by Michelle. The discussion was focused on Women Leading Interfaith Movements in Rural America.

The panelists include Rev. Dr. Robin Dease from the United Methodist Church in Hartsville, South Carolina Conference; Rev, Jen Bailey from Faith Matters/People's Supper; and Okolo Rashid from the International Museum of Muslim Cultures.

Mental health issues are extremely important in rural communities, according to Dease, and it's interfaith dialogues that are often essential in dealing with that complex topic. Rashid notes that in Muslim religion, there is the concept of one original faith, but it is not dependent on religion per se, but something that is found in all human beings - the sharing of a shared humanity. Bailey points out that spiritual care is more significant than ever today because of the increasingly violence and polarization in our society. In general, Bailey asks, what does it mean for people of faith to stand strong in the face of the increasing conflict between the existing power structure and those who are not as privileged or not part of the majority? Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks to hear Part 2 of this Special Episode#1 of Rural Matters.