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Rural Matters

May 21, 2018

John chats with Sheila Boyington, CEO of Learning Blade; Lori Langdon, a computer teacher at Springboro Intermediate School in Ohio; and Jan Miller, Dean of the College of Education and an assistant Professor at the University of West Alabama about STEM education in rural school districts. Boyington talks about how Learning Blade, which includes an online learning program whose platform focuses, in part, on supporting underrepresented students. The program includes various STEM topics, including robotics, chemistry and “missions” intertwined with potential STEM careers. Langdon discusses her work in technology for sixth graders, using the Learning Blade program, which integrates different academic areas, missions, and careers, with choices ranging from “concept cars” to specific entrepreneurial ventures. Miller notes that West Alabama will be launching an Ed.D. program in rural education and is currently implementing an initiative called Rethinking Rural Education, as a result of a grant it garnered. For more information on Learning Blade,