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Rural Matters

Nov 5, 2018

Michelle chats with Lee Horner, CEO of Synzi, a virtual care company founded earlier this year, which is dedicated to delivering high quality health care to rural communities through new technology. Synzi is focused on taking video technology to access remote health care staff and leveraging technology to provide care for patients who are at home to prevent hospital readmissions. The company’s technology prompts Smartphone users, including elderly patients, to click applicable links, simplifying their health care experience by eliminating the necessity of providing passwords. The technology also can be used for mental health consultation and medication management, according to Horner. Horner points out that Synzi’s technologies enable home health agencies in rural communities to provide patients with chronic diseases with care applications that can be used on a Smartphone is seeing a primary care physician or a visit to the emergency room is not possible or preferable. The company focuses on using technology to supplement the care given by rural hospital staff, finding ways to simplify and automate communication, including  activities such as patient discharge. This episode was sponsored by AASA, the School Superintendent’s Association, and Synzi,