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Rural Matters

Apr 22, 2022

In this final installment of our fabulous four-part series, Designing Postsecondary Alternatives for Rural Learners, produced in collaboration with and underwritten by PelotonU, Michelle chats with four terrific guests who provide additional perspectives on the rural learning experience: Rocío Rangel, Director of the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) at Eastern Washington University; Drew Garretson, Senior Director of Digital Experience at Ceres Solutions Cooperative; Francis Vigil, Tribal Education Specialist for the National Indian Education Association; and Sarah Saxton-Frump, Co-Founder and COO of PelotonU. Rangel discusses whether the current k-12 education system serves migrant farmworker students and the gaps in existing higher education programs in serving these learners. Garretson talks about the major employment challenges associated with rural communities, touching on talent retention strategies; agriculture technology; and creating a successful collaborative and entrepreneurial ecosystem in rural communities. Vigil discusses the impact of rurality on Native American learners and the possible pitfalls of virtual learning. Saxton-Frump talks about how PelotonU is designed to be flexible and supportive, and their hope that this model might help rural learners achieve their college goals This episode and the entire four-part series is sponsored by PelotonU, whose innovative and regionally accredited degree options flip the script on rural education and enable you to fit college around your life rather than fitting your life around college. Try it for six weeks absolutely risk-free and no money down. Visit to get started.