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Rural Matters

Sep 9, 2019

Michelle chats with Katrina Badger, program officer with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, about the work of the foundation to build a culture of health and her particular focus on creating the community conditions that foster improved health. Badger discusses a poll that was released at the recent Life in Rural America symposium, which was a collaboration among the Foundation, NPR, and Harvard, that focused on rural issues. Just organizing the event was a learning experience, Badger notes. One of the takeaways of the symposium, she says, was that Rural America is not a monolithic space but a diverse one. Many rural communities have won the Culture of Health prize, Badger points out. Another key point: Economic opportunity is critical for success for rural residents and communities. Yet another insight: Innovation knows no area code. Badger notes that a key question that must be asked is how can we build power for rural communities to implement what are known to be successful policies. And a final takeaway: Equity conversation, whether racial or economic or some other kind of equity, is equally critical in the rural context. This episode was sponsored by For the Win Robotics,; REC Foundation,;  and the Rural Assembly,

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