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Rural Matters

Dec 18, 2018

Michelle chats with Kendall Singleton, head of business development at Healthy Bytes, a company that helps dietitians in both private settings and at corporations to get set up and paid for their services. Singleton points out that dietitians wear a lot of hats, as food is a type of medicine and is wrapped up in the basic human condition.  Today, she notes, a referral from a primary care physician is not necessarily needed for the services for dietitians to be reimbursed for their services. Also today, nutrition counseling is being delivered through a live video conversation through appropriate telehealth platforms, which are HIPAA compliant, such as Zoom, but not Skype. To be covered, insurance companies look for claims that include actual consultations with the reasons for the consult, documented eligibility for services, and proper filing of claims, all of which Healthy Bytes can assist dietitians with for reimbursement.  Healthy Bytes works with government funded insurers, such as Medicare and Medicaid, which has upsides and limitations for dietitian reimbursement, such as medical condition restrictions. This episode was sponsored by Healthy Bytes, and AASA, the School Superintendents Association,