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Rural Matters

Jun 21, 2019

Michelle chats with Dr. Brian Bossard, the co-founder, President and CEO of Teledigm Health, Teledigm Physician Services, and Bryan Telemedicine, who also serves as Chief of Staff of Bryan Health, and is a  charter member of the physician editorial advisory panel for the Society of Hospital Medicine. When it comes to telemedicine, Bossard says it’s important to support the primary physician through new technology and to support patients in rural areas by enabling them to obtain quality care remotely. This is especially important for rural citizens who find it challenging to travel to a provider’s office. To achieve this end, Bossard’s organization participates in health fairs; demos the equipment and services when visiting rural communities; and brings their telemedicine providers on site. Typically, when a patient has a telemedicine encounter, there are mobile carts that include a monitor that is “articulating” or moving, at the direction of the provider, who might be hundreds of miles away. There is always a telepresenter, often a nurse, which connects the patient to the telemedicine experience. Equipment is not a one-size fits all situation but is dependent on the community involved.  Bryan Telemedicine now offers about 30 different telemedicine services.  Michelle and Bossard also discuss challenges to telemedicine, including broadband, licensing, and reimbursement. This episode was sponsored by Talem Health,; Bryan Telemedicine,; and Phynd,