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Rural Matters

Apr 25, 2022

In this fourth installment of the fabulous series we’re doing in collaboration with and supported by the Ascendium Education Group, Michelle interviews three professionals with hands-on experience collaborating with employers to help rural learners: Dani Douglas, a Research and Policy Associate at the Center on Rural Innovation; Dr. John Fitzsimmons, President of The Foundation for Maine’s Community Colleges; and Joshua Howe, Deputy Executive Director for Workforce Training and Remote Working for the Maine Community College System. Douglas discusses why rural places should care about having tech jobs and businesses in their communities and success stories in rural areas. Fitzsimmons talks about the role of the Maine Advisory Council on remote work and the importance of certification in this space. Howe provides an overview of the Remote Work for Maine program, and the kinds of jobs for which workers are being trained. This episode and the entire six-part series is sponsored by the Ascendium Education Group, whose philanthropy aims to remove systemic barriers faced by certain learners, specifically first-generation students, incarcerated adults, veterans, students of color, and rural community members. For more information, visit