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Rural Matters

Mar 13, 2020

Michelle chats with Carrie Henning-Smith, Deputy Director of the University of Minnesota Rural Health Research Center and an Assistant Professor in the Division of Health Policy and Management, University of Minnesota School of Public Health. Henning-Smith has led multiple research projects at the Rural Health Research Center, on a wide range of topics including the social determinants of health, access to and quality of care, aging and long-term care, and mental health and suicide prevention. She was a 2017 Rural Health Fellow with the National Rural Health Association and serves as a current editorial board chair for the Journal of Rural Health. The riveting conversation on rural suicide touches on factors that might be contributing to high rates of suicide among rural residents; what can be done to prevent suicide in rural areas; and the resources available to deal with this issue. This episode is sponsored by Berea College, whose 2020 Rural College Access and Success Summit is scheduled for April 26-28 in Arizona. For more information visit