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Rural Matters

Dec 3, 2019

This special episode (Part 2) continues a panel discussion at the first-ever Rural Women’s Summit, presented by the National Rural Assembly, which was moderated by Michelle. The discussion was focused on Women Leading Interfaith Movements in Rural America.   The panelists included Rev. Dr. Robin Dease from the United Methodist Church, in the Hartsville, South Carolina Conference; Rev. Jen Bailey from Faith Matters/People’s Supper; and Okolo Rashid from the International Museum of Muslim Cultures. To deal with economic disparities, Rashid asserts, it’s important for residents to be empowered to deal with those inequities on their own. Bailey cites a group called Nuns and Nones, an alliance of spiritually diverse millennials, Catholic sisters, and key local partners who leverage local resources to create a more just, equitable, and loving world. On the topic of improving the health of their local communities, Dease notes that, in her district, there’s a concept called God’s Acres, in which farmers devote one acre of their land to provide healthy food for free to community members in need. Be sure to also listen to Part 1of this Special Episode #1 of Rural Matters.