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Rural Matters

Apr 14, 2023

In the third installment of our 2023 series with the Self-Help Enterprises, Michael chats with the following rural water, housing, and health experts: Jessi Snyder, Director of Community Development at Self-Help Enterprises; Olivia Gomez, Family Resource Community Liaison at Planada Elementary School District and board member of Self-Help Enterprises and the Planada Community Services District; Patrick Isherwood, Director of Asset Management at Self-Help Enterprises; and Graciela Soto, CEO of Altura Centers for Health.

Together, they discuss the current community services needs in rural communities, needs around infrastructure, health care, and much more. This episode, and the entire series, are sponsored by Self-Help Enterprises. For more information, visit

The views stated by podcast guests do not necessarily reflect those of our sponsors.